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That bed looks so good to me right now! 🙂

Hubs and I have had a whirlwind fall and winter. It began with a trip home to KC at the end of October. The next weekend hubs’s brother and his brother’s wife came to visit. Then there was another trip home for Thanksgiving. Followed by a trip to NYC for a college friend’s wedding (and a lengthier-than-planned stay thanks to a snow storm in Chicago that made it impossible to get home). Then we had Christmas in Philly with hubs’s fam (and another blizzard on the east coast meant another longer-than-planned stay and a road trip down to DC to be able to fly home). Then it was back to KC the first weekend in January for the baby shower with my Mom’s girlfriends. And finally this weekend, I had a baby shower with my best girlfriends in Chicago. We had five guests in town…my bestie from college, my little sister, hubs’s little sister, and hubs’s brother and wife.


Don’t misunderstand, it has been SO AWESOME getting to see so much of our friends and family. I feel closer than ever to everyone in my life….and after being a hermit for more than a year thanks to the darkness that is IF, it feels really really good to feel practically like my old self again—in my relationships and general mood. The shower on Saturday was so fun…..most of my very best girlfriends, all in one room, showering our sweet Baby A and Baby B with love and gifts and support. It was wonderful. Lucky me, lucky babies!!!!!!

But, I must admit that I am somewhat exhausted. I was tired to my BONES for most of the weekend. (And sick, I have a legit cold! Wah wah wah.) These trips  and visits from out-of-towners have been AMAAAAAAAAAAAZING, but I am so so so so so so so so ready for a more chillaxed lifestyle that doesn’t involve airports, entertaining guests, going out to dinner every night and staying up talking with friends and family past midnight. When there are people to entertain or catch up with, I am really bad at going to bed when my body wants to, saying no to outings, and sitting down….!

It’s time for me to take it down a notch. Time for me to stop working so freaking late, to go to bed earlier, to cook in more, and to generally take it easier. We are not taking any more trips. We have no more visits from guests in the works. Time for me to CHILL!

I have a 27(ish) week check-up at the OB tomorrow. I hope and pray that everything looks great with the babies and that their little hearts are beating away and that they’ve grown bigger and stronger. Because I’ve been totally out of my routine and on my feet so much the past few days, I haven’t noticed much movement. And now that I’m back at work after the long weekend (and thus on my feet most of the day), I know I won’t get many chances during the day to feel the kicks that I love so very much. Plus, you guys know me….I get hyped-up for ever appointment. Hopefully the babies will bump around and give me some much-needed reassurance when I relax after din tonight….we may have to cook up some homemade pizza, which they seem to love just as much as I do. 🙂



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12 responses to “Recovering

  1. Lesley

    That bed looks amazing to me, too! I’m also still sick. It sems to be the cold from hell. I’m glad you’re giving yourself time to relax, fell the babies, and generally just do your zen thing! 🙂

    27 weeks already! Although I am sure it seems slow to you…

  2. Lesley

    um, FEEL the babies, and SEEMS to be the cold from hell… I don’t know what baby-felling would be, but it doesn’t sound at all nice!

  3. AL

    27 weeks! Congrats girl, and I just know those babes are doing fabulous, though I get your nervousness before each appointment.

    Enjoy your downtime now that the whirlwind of travelling and company is FINALLY over :-). I was wiped out from just two lengthy trips over Christmas, so I can only imagine how tired you are, with carrying twins and working full time.

    Hope the babes give you some nice reassurance tonight!

  4. Oh Egg, you must be absolutely wiped! It’s so great you got so much fam/friend time at the perfect part of your pregnancy (in the safe zone, but not too big and uncomfie yet). Now you can settle down and prep for your babies’ arrival!

    Good luck at your appointment tomorrow, I’m sure all is good!!

  5. Cook that pizza and feel those babies! They will be great tomorrow. Lucky babies, indeed 🙂

  6. Esperanza

    That sounds like A LOT! But I know what you mean about needed some “you” time at home, in bed. It’s kind of great when you’ve been so busy that you really want that low-key time, and then when you get sick of it and you want fun stuff to do, it’s around. What’s hard is when you have too much of one or the other, then you either get totally zapped of energy or you get super bored. I’ve enjoyed a nice balance lately, I hope it keeps up.

    And I hope you get the rumblings you need to feel secure in your baby’s health!

  7. Eeek! That sounds EXHAUSTING and I’m not even pregnant! Rest up and good luck at the appt tomorrow! I know the bebes will be perfect! Xoxo

  8. FCblacksheep

    mmmm…homemade pizza. our fave over here is homemade stromboli.

    Wow, that does sound like a lot. You deserve some downtime. Chill with those sweet babies of yours and have a good appointment tomorrow.

  9. Wow you have been busy. I hope your able to get back into your normal routine and get a little relaxation. I also hope you feel some reassuring bumps to know everything is ok in there.

  10. Sometimes I envy your busy fun-filled life, but then I remember the reality of me trying to stay up past 11… It just doesn’t work at my advanced age… Anyway, sounds like you have the best of both worlds–lots of fun, and now some more relaxed time. Enjoy it!

  11. Homemade pizza…. mmmm

    That whirlwind sounds freakin’ exhausting. I’m glad you enjoyed it so much, but I’m also glad you’re finally getting a break from it all.

    Hope those kids start moving around a lot and giving you some much-needed reassurance.

  12. Mara

    Wow! I am exhausted just reading that. 🙂 I pretty much go to work and go to bed, so I am impressed with your socializing skills. Yay for a break now, though!

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