On the border….yet again

I used to write about how anytime I’d do a medicated cycle, I’d get a “borderline” cyst that RE #1 would always decide necessitated me riding the bench for a month. It. Would. Destroy. Me. I do not miss those appointments.

Well, today at my biweekly OB appointment I found out I am on the border again. (And also that the babies look great and their little hearts are beating away!!!) Last week I took the Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT). My clinic changed its protocol two weeks before I was scheduled for my 26-week gestational diabetes screen, and, instead of having every patient do the typical screening test (drink orange glucose liquid at home, come in and get blood drawn an hour later), they now make everyone do the full GTT shebang to ensure they aren’t getting false positives or negatives on the screen test (fast for 12-hours pre-test, get a fasting blood draw at the office, drink orange glucose liquid, get another blood draw an hour later and then another two hours later…I think some clinics do three hours worth of blood draws but mine stopped at two).

Anyway. My fasting level was normal. My 1-hour level was on the high end of the normal range. And my 2-hour level was 9 points above the normal range. So….bam….I am being treated as though I have gestational diabetes. Oh, and my iron was also low (even though I take a supplement every morning and have iron in my pre-natie Rx, weird). The OB told me to indulge in plenty of cheeseburgers. But apparently SANS BUN and with no chocolate shake as a chaser, if my preliminary research on GD is any indication. 🙂


Ah, well. I am feeling a little weirded out by this news, but it’s because I want the very best for the babies. I don’t want my hormone issues to put them at ANY risk. I want them to be healthy!  The next step is to meet with a dietician (I already left her a vmail…I’m ready to make my body a healthy non-carb/non-sweets sanctuary for the babies ASAP!!!!), then I will need to have all of my future appointments at Dr. Zen’s office in the early morning, because from here out I will come to them having fasted, I’ll get my blood drawn, then eat breakfast, then have another blood draw an hour later. I may have to go in for those blood draws once a week, I think the OB is going to discuss me with Dr. Zen to see how she wants to handle. Because I’m “borderline,” they think diet tweaks and office blood draws will be enough to make sure everything’s okay, I (hopefully!) won’t have to mess with insulin injections and at-home blood draws.

When Dr. Zen’s partner told me the news, I admit that got a lump in my throat. My first question was, “Was it something I did?” I have gained a healthy 22 pounds at 26w5d. I eat healthfully the vast majority of the time. I don’t eat fast food. I exercise regularly. I have a normal BMI. I have no family history of diabetes or GD. I write about nutrition, for gosh sakes! She said it has nothing to do with me, it’s about how my body processes glucose during pregnancy and that’s out of my control. And my body is borderline not-so-hot at it. (This apparently happens twice as often in twin patients.)

I’ve read blogs where the writer finds out she has GD and she talks about feeling responsible. I would read those posts and think to myself, Of course it’s not her fault, she shouldn’t feel that way! But then, when it happens to you, you do feel like it’s something you did. I’m trying to shake that feeling. The important thing is that there is something I can DO about this diagnosis.

So. It’s all good. I am okay with being on the border this time. I’m so happy my office caught me when I might otherwise have flown under the radar—this way we can make SURE that the babies and I are perfectly healthy. We’ll get it in check. These babies are going to get whatever foods the R.D. says is best for them and they are going to be healthy kiddos! 🙂

I’ll update on this topic when I’ve done the requisite hours of Googling and the meeting with the R.D., of course.



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17 responses to “On the border….yet again

  1. You are doing everything right by meeting w/the RD and changing your diet!. Kudos to you for being willing to change it all up and do whatever is necessary for your bebes :). So happy you’re so positive about this! Keep up with the zen, my friend! Xo

  2. Lesley

    That sounds really strict! At my clinic they do fasting, 1 hour, 2 hour, and 3 hour blood draws– then you have to fail TWO of them to be under scrutiny. I did fail the 1 hour, and quite spectacularly (NOT borderline), but since the other 3 draws were totally normal, apparently I’m ok– although my dr. did say to watch the carbs. But at my 36 week u/s, we saw that her head is small, so I decided to f-it and start eating dessert again… I think you are probably all clear, and anyways, GD doesn’t necessarily have any effect on the babies whatsoever (I know because I was in the same boat as you– worried and googling). I’d bet that your blood draws will all be totally fine from here on out.

  3. FCblacksheep

    Ugh, sorry Egg. But I have no doubt you’ll listen to the dietitian and do everything 100% as you should. You’ll get it under control in no time.

  4. I so remember your cysts entries. So sorry about the gd. I am so scared that I will end up right here in a few months. I hope that they are able to schedule everything so that it’s very easy for you to do.

  5. Mara

    Ugh, that sucks about the GD! I’m sorry, Egg. It is so not anything you did. Like you said, GD is so much more common with twins, and you’re so close to normal. Good luck with your new diet. 🙂

  6. disclaimer: i am not a doctor. do not take my advice.

    but…. from what i understand (from my mother, who is a doctor — not an ob — and spent a while being obsessive with the journals after my GD test trauma), the boundaries of GD have recently been redrawn, and a lot of borderline people would previously have been negative. here’s the kicker: at least according to her — and i have not looked this up for myself — those newly-included mothers and babies don’t have any actual problems.

    i don’t know what your level is, and i wouldn’t take my own advice under these circumstances. but i’d ask some pointed questions.

  7. I’m so sorry for this recent development, Egg. Not fun. But I know you’ll figure out the best low-sugar high-iron diet with the dietitian and your babies will be just fine. You are SO borderline (I failed the one-hour portion of the test and my doc said I don’t have GD) and the fact that they’re not making you monitor at home or take insulin is very reassuring.

    I think every single potential pregnancy complication lists “twins or multiples” as a risk factor. One of the fun parts of twin pregnancy I suppose. Hang in there my friend!

  8. Big bummer to be told anything is anything but perfect! But it sure sounds like this is a very conservative measure, and you’re borderline. I love your take-charge attitude, and have no doubt you’ll keep those babies safe.

  9. I know that you know this already, but you are not to blame. You are doing everything you can to make sure that these babies are going to be perfect! You’ve got TWO freaking human beings in there…give yourself a break!

  10. Secret Sloper

    That stinks, Egg, but don’t worry too much about the effect on the babies. My mom had full-blown GD with my youngest sister and was on bed rest and everything. And that sister is the healthiest, strongest, most athletic of us all who played soccer in college! Sounds like you just need to make a few tweaks and everything will be okay.

  11. Suzanne

    Hi! I read your blog from time to time but haven’t ever commented. I was diagnosed with borderline GD at week 28 of my pregnancy (I delivered in Nov 2010). I wanted to reassure you that diet management is really no big deal. It was actually very helpful to work with my dietician to re-frame some of my eating habits – like yours, mostly really healthy anyway – to manage carb intake. The thing I learned is that insulin resistance is really worst in the morning, so if you can manage your carb intake well in the first meal or two of the day, you are kind of home free for the rest of the day. I ate ice cream for my bedtime snack almost every single night! At the suggestion of my dietician, no less!! I did test my own blood sugar daily at home (it was easy and didn’t hurt a bit – finger stick) and that way I knew I was keeping my blood sugar at the right levels all the time.

    My little guy was born at a great weight (8 lbs 9 oz) and no issues. Be prepared, however, for the post-delivery glucose testing that your babies will probably have to go through. This was a pain and I wasn’t expecting it. Basically, he had to pass glucose testing every hour for two hours and then every two hours for the next four hours (four tests total over six hours). Don’t be hesitant to give them formula to get them through this – even if you plan to breastfeed exclusively (which I do). It’s better to pass the tests in the first go-round (which we did not – and then we had to start the whole thing over from the beginning = up.all.night. with newborn = misery). Formula will ensure you pass – for the second go-round I fed him formula and followed it up with a breast and that worked fine – no nipple confusion and he finally passed the tests.

    Hope this helps – you will do great!!

  12. You’re already such a great mom and those kids haven’t even come out yet.

    You and everyone else is right when they remind you that you had nothing to do with this. If anyone knows that sometimes you can do EVERYTHING right and your body will still fuck up, it’s this crowd.

  13. This is the kind of thing that no one paid any attention to 20 years ago. Good for you for optimizing things for your little ones. I’m glad you’re able to put this into perspective.

  14. I just found your blog and loved reading your story. I’m so sorry about this recent bump in the road, but like the others said, it sounds very borderline and you are very healthy already, so I’m sure everything is going to be just fine! After years in the trenches, I am also pregnant with twins (10 weeks) and reading through your earlier posts was so helpful in easing my nerves. We share so much in common from the “beer belly” instead of the baby bump and the unpleasant constipation (that I also had pre-pregnancy) to the nasty Crinone “leftovers.” Thank you so much for sharing. Can’t wait to follow along with you for the rest of the ride and meet these twinsies!

  15. Ugh, I hate that you’ve been given even the tiniest thing to worry about! But of course you have been taking great care of yourself and the babies, and it sounds like some very manageable changes will get you in tip-top shape. You can do it! Miss you 🙂

  16. Well, crap for another borderline annoyance. You absolutely did nothing wrong in order to get this. You’re one of the healthiest pregnant ladies I “know.” I understand that feeling of your body failing you once again, but chin up! You will get through this little bump just fine and in just a few months have those gorgeous twins on the outside. (And then you can indulge in all the chocolate shakes you want!)

    All of the PPs seem to have really good advice and insight into the whole matter – it’s reassuring that you probably needn’t worry too too much. But I think talking to a dietician is a great idea, anyway, and will help you find some minor tweaks that will make a big difference – both in those pesky blood tests and in the way you feel mentally.


  17. Tarah

    I think you’re doing a wonderful job and you have a fantastic outlook on things right now. It’s hard when it seems like your body is just doing it’s own thing but I have learned that I will control what I can control and then just hope the rest works itself out. I’m so glad you and the babies are doing fantastic!

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