Consult with the R.D.

Since I got the ‘ol GD diagnosis last Wednesday, I went crazy Googling and reaching out to women who had GD during pregnancy. And then I went a little crazy overhauling my diet….majorly cutting back on carbs and eating a lot more salads instead of sandwiches. The result: I have been hungry all week. Which I KNOW is not good for the babies, who need to grow big and strong!!!

Fortunately, what I was missing was some advice from an actual expert. I met with my clinic’s R.D. yesterday morning. I learned that I am seriously borderline…she was almost surprised my clinic sent me to her. But the rules about GD are becoming more stringent, and my clinic is dutifully applying their latest rules to people like me. (Women typically have to fail two of the blood draws to be diagnosed with GD, I failed one by less than 10 points…and I passed the fasting blood draw no problem…my OB and R.D. said that means I wouldn’t have been flagged had I done a traditional screening test that most clinics use.)

All of that said, I remain really grateful that my clinic is taking my results seriously. As bothersome as it might be to have to count carbs and stuff, I’d rather be safe than sorry. And who knows, once I begin my weekly blood draws (fasting level then breakfast at the doctor’s office, then another draw one hour later to see how my bod is dealing with glucose), maybe I’ll be failing left and right and we’ll all say SEEEEEE, the new rules are there for a reason!! But I’m hoping I can pass a few tests because then my clinic will just let me follow my new diet and go on my merry little non-blood draw way. 🙂

So here’s the gist….

  • Carbs are NOT out, in fact, I should eat them at every meal and snack. But I need to count them and not exceed 175–200g in a day.
  • I need to always eat protein with my carbs. So, instead of a plain apple, an apple with peanut butter smeared on it. Instead of a half a cupcake (yes! they are allowed!), a half a cupcake with a handful of nuts. Instead of my usual Cheerios for breakfast, a whole grain English muffin with an over-easy egg.
  • I need to eat every 2–3.5 hours even if I’m not hungry.
  • Exercise helps insulin do its job better (breaking down glucose so the body can use it efficiently). I’m adding back my morning calisthenics and weight lifting sessions in front of the Today Show, which I’d become soooo lazy on. It feels good! 🙂 And I’ll continue my weekend swims and EZ ellips sessions + upper body weight lifting.

That’s about it. We also talked about my uber-low iron levels, which haven’t improved since they came in so low at week 9—depsite the fact that I went on a daily iron supp and eat plenty of animal protein and leafy greens. My Mom and little sister have always had low-iron but I’m not sure about what my levels were like pre-pregnancy. Obviously, it’s nothing so bad that I was anemic or fatigued—I mean, I used to do marathons and half-ironman triathlons so I had the energy to train at a pretty intense level! The R.D. said iron levels are genetic and that even though my levels are “low,” they are clearly fine for my body. And the only I thing I care about—the health of the babies—is not in question: They get what they need from me. But, we’re splitting up when I take my supps to see if that makes a diff in how my bod absorbs it (iron and colace in the a.m., calcium + vitamin D, prenatie Rx and colace in the p.m.

I realize that I’m not having to do daily blood tests and insulin injections (and I really really really hope I don’t have to down the road!), but I want to put it out there that this is not the worst thing in the world. It was pretty cool to meet with a dietician who specializes in pregnancy. I got all sorts of cool info on calorie requirements for twinsie Moms and basic pregnancy nutrition advice. It’s stuff I wouldn’t have learned were it not for GD. Thanks, GD!

So, first blood draw on Monday. And that’s also the big monthly growth scan day. And I get to see Dr. Zen! (I’ve only met with her at 9 weeks and after the anatomy scan and I miss her.) For those who are counting, I am 27w5d. Inching toward the big 3T…please let everything continue to go smoothly and let our babies be perfect and healthy. Grow, sweet little babies, grow! I love you so much, I would do anything for you!



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18 responses to “Consult with the R.D.

  1. SO glad you met with such an awesome dietitian and got some really great suggestions to keep your blood sugar A-OK without being hungry all the time! Those diet rec actually sound really yummy and healthy! Seriously, eating some protein with your meals and eating every few hours is WAY better than having to check your blood sugar and inject insulin (you’ve done enough injections!!) Plus, it’s for such a short amount of time – just 10 weeks!!

  2. I think the fact that you have such a great attitude will make all the difference. You are getting so far into this preganancy…can you believe it?? It must be so crazy to think that you’ll have not one, but two babies in such a short amount of time. So exciting. 🙂

  3. That’s great, Egg! You are so upbeat about all of this. I love your attitude.
    Hang in there, babies!

    Also, dude, an egg on an english muffin sounds awwwwesome right now.

  4. You are doing a great job keeping those babies strong and healthy…and being so proactive about your own health! I think it’s awesome.

    Yet another thing we have in common…the Cheerios for breakfast. Before the Woowoo came along I used to eat a bowl every morning before work. Now I can’t stomach the thought of them, but I’m hoping in a few more weeks I’ll get to eat them again (because I really do miss them). Maybe I’ll throw in a hard boiled egg for a little extra protein;)

  5. This is such great news from your R.D.! I love that your clinic is SO on top of this, too. I’d much rather them be like that than be super chill about it and then it be a problem. I know those bebes are growing so big and strong like their mama. Can’t wait till you make it to the third tri :).

  6. The food you listed sounds delicious and reminds me that I am starving right now!!! 27w5d – WOW! That is wonderful – you are almost there and doing so well. Very inspiring!!

  7. cw

    Glad you feel more relieved. My SIL had GD and she lost a bit of weight towards the end but she does have “food issues” anyway….. To ease your mind even more my little niece is the healthiest, chubbiest bundle of joy going around and my SIL passed all GD tests afterwards with flying colours! I can’ t believe that you are in the last bit of this pregnancy. It is awesome!

  8. Lesley

    Wow, 2 days from the third trimester!!!! I am so excited for you!

  9. ugh! I had to eat every 2-3 hours as well…who would have thought it is tough?? It’s so tough. I’m never hungry, but need to eat so I don’t throw up all the time…weird. Apples with PB are the BEST!

    p.s. your preggo pic from your baby shower post was CRAZY CUTE!!

  10. It sounds like your doing a really great job so far with overhauling your diet and getting ready to follow all the rules. I hope it goes well!

  11. silver

    i’m pretty sure i’m going to get a borderline GD diagnosis next week too, so i’m carbing it up while i can. and yes, anything for the babies!! you’re such a good momma 🙂

  12. Half a cupcake = me jealous!

    I’ve been told for years that I would likely get GD if/when I could stay pregnant despite all the hard work I’ve done to avoid it. Way to kick me when I’m down! You are borderline and doing such a great job at being proactive. What lucky little eggs to have you as a Mom!

    Also, I think beans are good for iron levels. (Some better than others). Plus, they have the added benefit of already being a protein/carb mix plus fiber.

  13. sienna

    ugh, being on any sort of dietary restriction during pregnancy is just a nightmare. i started my gluten free thing months in advance of this ivf cycle but once i got pregnant, i had to make for some allowances, bc it was too hard. love your positive attitude babe!!! glad that your docs are being cautious, if overly so, but sounds like you are doing well and know what you gotta do!! xoxo.

  14. You have such an amazing attitude! I think I would have a minor heart attack if I had to cut out carbs! I’m so glad you can have them in moderation and the snacks you mentioned sound fabulous!! Like you said, better to be safe than sorry with the monitoring and it sounds like you are going to just fine. Oh, and HOLY SMOKES that you are almost 28 weeks!! YIPPEE!!!!!

  15. you’re gonna be a great momma. heck, you already are! 🙂

    i’m so glad you met with a great dietician and that you have a plan in place that you feel good about and that seems totally doable. FX for no daily blood tests/insulin injections for you!

    happy 28 weeks tomorrow! yaaaay! can’t wait to hear your update on monday!

  16. AL

    wow, this doesn’t sound bad at all. I’m so glad you’re staying away from shots and checking your blood sugar all the time.

    nearly 28 weeks!??! Awesome, Egg! Hope we get to see nursery pics sometime soon?

  17. FCblacksheep

    It’s so awesome that you’re so diligent and doing everything you can to make sure all of you are safe and are so positive and upbeat.

    That’s actually the same diet I follow to keep my PCOS in line. Extra tip, take a bite of protein first. My doctor told me there’s evidence to prove that your body reacts differently depending on which one you eat first. Best of luck on your next draw!

  18. Sounds like you got some terrific advice!! Very practical and easy to tackle, just a little tweaking to your already great habits, right? I saw a nutritionist at pdtm and learned so much about eating healthier. I do feel like I have RPL/IF to thank for a lot of good changes in my life – diet, meditation, stress management. Um, I’d still rather have a baby… but I guess I’ll take getting healthy for now 🙂

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