Ahh, Dr. Zen

Alrighty, here is a big ‘ol 28 week update.

  • I showed up for my 10am appointment having not eaten or drank anything since last night and they literally had no idea what kind of blood draw they were supposed to do with me, it was chaos for almost 45 minutes. I was like, PEOPLE! I would rather not beg you to draw my blood! I’m just following the OB’s orders! Whatever is going on, can I please just eat my breakfast?! They eventually sorted it out and we did my fasting blood draw and one-hour post-breakfast blood draw. The lab technician explained the confusion by saying, “It’s just so RARE we have people fail the 3-hour GTT.” Thanks dude. 🙂 I splurged on part of a milkshake AND a piece of apple pie on Saturday (with protein, promise!) so I hope that didn’t f- up my results. Oh well.
  • The growth scan was awesome. Baby A (boy) is measuring 2 pounds 11 ounces and Baby B (girl) is measuring 2 pounds 9 ounces. Good good good job, sweet little babies! Keep growing big and strong!!!
  • I got to see Dr. Zen for the first time since our 21 week anatomy scan! She is such a calm, soothing presence and is so honest and articulate. I really really really like her.
  • Baby A is head down and Baby B is breech. Dr. Zen said that, barring the myriad complications that can happen at pretty much anytime now, she wants to do a vaginal delivery with me. This is my first choice, too, as I would like to experience labor. (I know, nutso.) I told her I would prefer the vag-delivery if I could have my druthers, but also that I am 100% comfortable doing whatever is best for the babies, whether that’s c-section or whatever.
  • I can continue swimming, lifting, elliping, walking, working, sex, etc etc etc for as long as I feel up to it. Btw, I am not really feeling up to much these days. 🙂 Just sayin’.
  • Dr. Zen said if I can make it to 36 weeks I’m going to be very big and uncomfortable and that she recommends working from home or working reduced hours, if possible. Unfort, that is NOT possible with my job. If I’m not at work, I’m not able to work. (Side note: I could maybe work from home on Mondays, this is something I’ve requested for post-maternity leave but my bosses are still thinking it over.) She understood the predicament and suggested I simply not take on any new projects starting at 36 weeks. (Oh, to make it to 36 weeks!)
  • Because the twinsies’ feet are in about the same spot, I can’t differentiate movement from them individually. Dr. Zen said I should feel at least three bouts of movement a day.
  • She did a manual cervie check and I’m long and closed. Phew.
  • I gained one pound over two weeks, for a grand total of 23 pounds. This seems low to me, but Dr. Zen isn’t worried so I’m not going to be either. I was eating so weirdly for that week before I met with the R.D., I wonder if that’s to blame?
  • We talked about Braxton Hicks. (Yes, I talk to EVERY doctor about BHs.) Leave it to Dr. Zen to finally make me understand them! She said, “You know when you get up from going to the bathroom and you have some tightness all over your stomach?” Yes, I do know that feeling. “Those are BHs.” So far, I don’t think I experience them much outside of the zillion and one times a day and night I go to the bathroom. We’ll see how long that lasts…
  • What I do have: random shooting pains in my lady parts region. And random stabbing pains on the right or left side of my uterus. It is pretty cool that my body is doing weird stuff, and I try to focus on that and not panic! Sometimes at night I feel crampy-ish—like that heavy pre-period feeling—and it freaks me out because many bloggies describe the time right before labor in the same way. Again, zen zen zen zen. I am trying to trust that if something is wrong, or I’m going into labor, I will KNOW.
  • Speaking of the bathroom, I’m seriously going a minimum of every 2 hours at night. It’s been like this for the past month. No wonder my right groin muscle kills from swinging it over my Snoog so much, this is what I’d call a chronic overuse injury.
  • We’re scheduled to attend our first of two multiples birthing class on Wednesday night. Unfortunately, there’s a big blizzard heading straight for Chicago on Wednesday so I’m guessing it’ll get cancelled. Hopefully they will resked soon, we are now in the anything-can-happen–zone and I would really love to get this class in ASAP.
  • I have not really blogged about it, but I am literally obsessed with the baby room we’re putting together.  Since we have not traveled or hosted guests the past two weekends, and since I’ve phased out all freelance work going forward, I’ve been able to make progress on all sorts of house projects on Saturdays and Sundays. It feels SO GOOD to cross some long-standing items off my long to-do list. Hubs is crazy-busy with some academic deadlines, but he’s a good egg and helps where he can. Stay tuned for deets.

It’s pretty crazy to be talking about labor and the baby room and ending work and all of that stuff. (Please let everything be okay!!) I am hoping and praying so hard that our sweet little babies keep growing big and strong and that I am able to keep them in as long as possible. So much is out of my control, I am going to just keep feeding them healthy foods, taking it easy when I can, resting as much as possible, exercising when I’m up to it, and working hard at work and at home to create the safest, happiest, most nurturing place possible for them when they are ready to meet hubs and me.

Keep on keeping on. Zen zen zen zen. Positive thinking. All of that good stuff!!!



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18 responses to “Ahh, Dr. Zen

  1. Leslie

    So glad everything is going well! I have had cramping on and off throughout this pregnancy, and obviously it hasn’t resulted in premature labor for me– I hope that’s mildly reassuring. I also get the stabby pains in the lady parts. Not sure what that is!

    I’m looking forward to your post on the baby room…

  2. Plenty of zen vibes headed your way. ❤

  3. AL

    Can’t wait to see photo’s of the babies’ room! Glad everything looks great and it’s so awesome that dr. zen is open for you trying for a vaginal birth with twins!

    hope the bloodwork comes back looking good

  4. Great update! I’m glad all is well.

  5. Oooh, can’t wait to see the nursery progress! I’m sure you and hubs are doing a bang up job and it will be the perfect and peaceful sanctuary for your twinsies!

    Um, that groin pain from swing your leg over to get out of bed. TOTALLY have that. It hurts! And there’s nothing you can do about it because it’s the only way to maneuver that big belly. I also have a wrist injury from using it to hoist myself up….ah, the joys of twin pregnancy!

    Anyway, you’re doing great and I have a feeling you’re in for the long haul (which is a good thing!)

  6. isn’t it awesome how once you get past a certain milestone things just get better and better? 🙂 i had the almost the same exact baby weights 2 weeks ago and have gained 23lbs (at 30w) so far too! glad everything is going smoothly!

  7. Zen zen zen!! This update sounds so awesome, my friend! I can’t wait to see the actual pics of the nursery once it’s complete! Xoxo

  8. You are such an inspiration to me, my zen friend. I love your incredible attitude to everything thrown at you. I am glad these little babies are bringing you so much joy already and that you are doing such a good job of carrying (and caring for) them. Not too much longer! Just 2-3 months!

  9. lifebytheday

    So glad that things are going well – sounds like you’re doing a great job! 🙂

  10. What a great update. It sounds like you had a really good appointment…aside from the blood draw thing. We are all hoping you keep those babies in as long as possible, too. Do we get to see pictures of the nursery? I hope you can work something out with your bosses about your schedule…you have enough on your mind already and don’t need the stress of work too.

  11. Everything’s going so beautifully! I’m so happy to hear it.

  12. You’re doing so well! I think you’re amazing.

    Can’t wait to see the nursery!

  13. Zen zen zen. So glad that things are going so well for you. Your doing great. Ugh at the lab people not knowing what to do right away when your starving. Glad you got it sorted out. Good luck with the nursery 😉

  14. A wonderful update! Yay!

  15. I bet that nursery(s?) is gonna be just beautiful. Can’t wait to see the pictures. Also, it’s great that your OB thinks a vaginal delivery will likely be possible. I don’t think you’re crazy at all for wanting that. The recovery period is so much shorter and I found labour to be such an intense and empowering experience. Of course, getting them out safely however that might be necessary is obviously the priority. Stay put for another couple months, babies!

  16. Mara

    Great update! So glad to hear that things are going well with the twinsies and I’m glad you got to see Dr. Zen. Hoping for great bloodwork!

  17. Sounds like a really fabulous appointment, with the exception of that annoying blood draw eff-up. But big, strong babies while having limited weight gain is nothing to be too upset about! And what great news that you’ll be able to try for a vaginal delivery (I, too, want to experience labor, so I don’t think you’re nuts).

    I can’t wait to see some pics of the nursery!

  18. Just wanted to tell you I gave you a blog award! So glad I found you!!

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