The nurse called to tell me about the results of my fasting and glucose bloodtests I took on Monday morning. Both were perfectly normal! No more blood tests for me! Yip yip yip!!!! She was unclear on whether this means I am no longer considered a GDer….as in, she didn’t know whether or not I need to keep following my special GD diet. She said to just keep up with it and I can discuss it with Dr. Zen at my next appointment.

Which is fine, I am perfectly okay with this new eating plan. But I will probably splurge on more milkshakes, since I want those babies growing nice and chubby and since I became OBSESSED with them the moment I got the initial GD news. (Haha.)

This has been an nutty, busy, stressful, looooong week of work—with a blizzard thrown in for good measure. Suddenly, my sleep went from bad-ish (waking every two hours to pee and think about the state of the world) to bad (not comfortable in any position, oddly achey legs that remind me of marathon training, weird heavy-ness in my lower ute that makes me panic-y-ish, can’t fall back to sleep unless my bladder is 100% empty, which honestly means getting up and peeing all.the.time, etc!)….which has not helped me power through the craziness at work. I am seriously like a beached whale flipping around in bed every night, poor poor hubs! But it is soooooo worth it for the sweet little babies to be comfie and growing big, strong and healthy in there. Sweet little babies.

I am SO HAPPY it’s Friday and that I got some good GD news to end the week. Yip for 29 weeks! Keep growing big and strong, Baby A and Baby B!! 🙂



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22 responses to “Yip!

  1. Lesley

    Yay for milkshakes!!! 🙂

  2. Oh hell yeah. You deserve a large milkshake for sure. Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend full of lots of sleep and good thoughts.

  3. Hooray!! Milkshake it up, Egg!

    I can only imagine how uncomf you are right now, but it’s just a little bit more to go before you bring the twinsies home. I can’t wait!

  4. AL

    Yay on 29 weeks and passing the fasting test! Awesome!

    Enjoy the milkshakes

  5. Yeah for 29 weeks!!! And what awesome results from the test. Those babies are just perfect and apparently loving milkshakes as much as their momma.

    I’m glad you survived the crazy Chicago blizzard. This is one time when I’m happy to NOT be living in Chicago.

  6. lifebytheday

    Congratulations!!! Definitely enjoy those milkshakes 😉

  7. First, congrats on 29 weeks!!! Second, HUGE congrats on the awesome blood work. What a huge relief and I’m so glad you can enjoy some treats for the last bit of pregnancy. Whoo hoo!

    Sorry about the sleep situation. I literally have to pee every hour now. Sometimes I pee and already have to pee again by the time I leave the bathroom. We both must have babies sitting right on our poor bladders!

  8. Yea for passing the test! Do you have one of those funny shaped pregnancy pillows? I’m about to just get a rectangular shaped one, but I bet one of the c or u shaped ones would help if you don’t have it already.

  9. sienna

    babe – wondering how yiuve been faring with all that snow that chicagos been pummelled with!? hope ur not having to drive in that nightmare : o(. yaay for 29 weeks and everything going well! xoxo

  10. Tio

    You’re almost in the 30s! I can’t believe it!

  11. FCblacksheep

    That’s fabulous news! Yay! Enjoy those milkshakes. When I was watching the news I was thinking of you. We got lots of ice but we could still get around somewhat OK. The snow that hit you guys looked debilitating.
    I can’t believe you’re 29 weeks. That’s so awesome.

  12. Mmm, a milkshake sounds good right about now. Glad you’re no longer GD!

  13. Yay!! Way to go! One less thing to worry about — bring on the milkshakes! I know you wouldn’t trade it for anything, but the not sleeping thing sounds miserable. I just do not function when I don’t sleep, let alone night after night. Be careful with all the terrible slushy snowy slick sidewalks – no more falling!

  14. YAY!!! What awesome news!! I’m so sorry to hear you are so uncomfortable and not sleeping well. I wish you could get your zzz’s in now!

  15. woohoo congrats on the behaving blood sugars!! and ugh i know what you mean about all those middleofthenight pees. happy weekend!!!

  16. Woot woot! That’s so awesome about passing the tests!!! I know you were so worried about this so I’m so happy this is one less thing for you to worry about!

    I can only imagine how uncomfy you are right now! It’ll all be worth it once you see those little bebes :). xo

  17. Towards the end of my pregnancy there were two things that I constantly dreamed about and guiltlessly indulged in: root beer (I typically don’t drink/like any kind of soda) and vanilla milkshakes from Chick-Fil-A. No more milkshakes for me now that I’m on this dairy-free kick…but mmmmmmm.

    Yay on being GD-free! Yay for chubbing up your bebes! 🙂

  18. I don’t know what it is about ice cream, but I just can’t ever think of it as junk food. Oreos, chips — stuff like that can feel polluting, but somehow eating ice cream for breakfast seems perfectly OK.

  19. JC

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! You’re the best!

    I’m glad you passed your glucose test and don’t have to stress about that. Grow babies grow!

  20. Yay for passing the GD test! That’s fabulous news! You’re so healthy that it’s clear that you aren’t going to go overboard with anything, but it must feel really great to just not have any restrictions!! Whenever someone says you can’t have something it’s suddenly the VERY thing that you most want!! I’m glad that you can relax a bit from the diet!! Congrats for hitting 29 weeks!!

    Boo about the crappy sleeping. Perhaps your body is just trying to prepare you for lots of sleepless nights to come!!

  21. Chubby babies! Let’s get them good and plumped up.

    So glad you passed that damn test, babe!

  22. Andrea

    Yay Egg!! Just catching up here, but sounds like all is well now! Way to rock 29 weeks…you are doing so awesome!! I can’t believe they’ll be here before we know it. And hang in there with the sleeping, or lack of…I know its SO uncomfy in the end. You really do feel like a whale in the end, when you’re flipping over in bed, I would have to lift my stomach to complete the turn, ha.

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