Multiples birthing class

We had part 1 of our multiples labor and delivery class last night. I have been totally, completely, weirdly excited for this class.

I felt so lucky to be in a class geared specifically toward multiples (there were even two triplet couples!). There were bellys of all sizes, women slumping in their chairs into more comfy positions, some ridiculously out-of-control belly rubbers (oh, my), the whole mix. When you’re having twins, you are at risk for a more complicated birth. For that reason, unmedicated births, water births—and all of those other beautiful birthing options I have seen so many bloggies write about—are not even on the table. It’s just too dangerous. As a twin Mom at my hospital, you get epidural-ed up (sans meds) as soon as you check in. This is in case—even if you’re planning a vag-birth—complications arise and an emergency c-section is necessary. I’ve never been to a singleton class, but I imagine there is a fair amount of time spent on unmedicated birthing and that sort of thing—we didn’t even go there.

I am perfectly okay with this. I mean, I am really really really hoping to be able to do a vaginal birth, but my #1 priority is that these babies are healthy. Not to suggest that’s not every woman’s priority, I just mean that I’m at peace with the lack of options.

We spent a lot of time talking about contractions, water breaking, and signs of pre-term labor. (So happy to learn all about this stuff!) I was really relieved to see that half of the women in the class, like me, did not know what contrax or BHs feel like. The nurse leading the lesson assured us that we’re allllll having them—at least every 30 to 90 minutes—but some women don’t have the physical symptoms that others have. (Isn’t it shocking I don’t have these symptoms!? Haha.) The other half of the women could very colorfully describe exactly what they feel whenever they have a contraction.

We spent some time discussing what happens in a vag-birth and even got to watch a couple of videos of actual twin births. (My sweet hubs did not have to leave the room like he did while I watched my National Geographic: Multiples In the Womb DVD a few months ago! I was very impressed.) All I have to say is…..whoooooa.

After the gory scenes, tears would well up in my eyes watching the babies make it out safe and sound. Obviously, I attended this class to prepare for birth and feel like this might actually be happening to us. On the other hand, I am still engulfed with this overwhelming feeling of REALLY?! Are we really going to be so lucky? Are we really going to meet these babies we love so much? Please lord, please let this work! Please let everything be okay!

Part 2 of the class is all about c-sections, taking care of infant twins and a (yip!) hospital tour.

I think a big thing for me all along has been finding a balance between the scary thinking and the positive thinking. Fact: Being pregnant with twins makes you high risk and sets you up for a plethora of complications. Fact: It’s important to know what those risks and complications and symptoms are so you can be prepared. Fact: Dwelling on these potential problems and reading about them online is horrible for my psyche. It takes me to dark and anxious places—it raises my delicate anxiety meter to an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10.

I try so hard to toe the line of “everything is going great!” and “everything can change at any moment!” Because they are both true. And I am so grateful to have this challenge. 30 weeks tomorrow.



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20 responses to “Multiples birthing class

  1. I love this post! And, WOW – 30 weeks! That is wonderful!!! I am going to get the dvd you mentioned from netflix stat…

    So glad to hear everything is going well! I now know exactly what you mean about finding the delicate balance of being informed about the risks and staying sane and super positive. It is a fortunate challenge!

  2. Can you believe you are at 30 weeks?!!

    I personally think that any women who says, “Everything is great, I’m not worried at all” is lying or crazy. You are totally normal to have these fears and it sounds to me like you’re doing your best to be well informed and ready for whatever is to come. I can only imagine that it was such a relief to meet (in person) all these women who are in the same boat as you with similiar concerns.

    I also love that your hospital doesn’t mess around when it comes to multiples. I like that!

  3. So awesome that you got a special multiples-only L&D class. We went to the regular one and 90% of the stuff they discussed didn’t apply. Like you said, it’s good to know about the potential complications so you know what to look for, but try not to stress. Even though more CAN go wrong, it’s still not likely and odds are good that everything will be perfect! You’ve made it to 30 weeks with no issues, so keep those good vibes flowing!

  4. eee 30 weeks! congratulations just a few more weeks!! it gets more and more exciting now 🙂 wow you are so lucky that there was such a multiples class available. i was the only non-singleton in mine and they wasted lots of time talking about stupid birthing balls/bathtub births and non-drug pain options like “guided imagery” bs.

  5. Tarah

    How exciting! We did our birthing class last weekend – all in one day class and I LOVED the hospital tour, it made me feel much more comfortable to be able to visualize what to expect a bit more.

    I’m so glad you’re doing so well along with your two bundles of joy! 🙂 I cannot wait to see pictures of them!

  6. Jen

    Congrats on 30 weeks! That is huge!

  7. It’s so great that you’re able to attend classes that are actually devoted to multiples. There’s got to be so much more/different information than for the singletons.

    You keep amazing me with how well you’re doing and your positive attitude. I can’t believe you’re at 30 weeks already. Keep it up, Egg.

  8. 30 weeks! I can hardly believe it. Was it *that* long ago that I was in Scandi?
    I’m so glad you had such a good experience at the birthing class. Sounds like your hospital is totally on it with the multiples factor, and that’s great. These bebes are going to be here so soon and you two are going to be the best, happiest, more ecstatic parents I can imagine 🙂

  9. i think it’s great they have a class for multiples moms. i know you’re going to do great!

  10. Wow Egg…30 weeks tomorrow…go you and the babies! The class sounds really interesting, informative and reassuring. Exactly what an anxiety-prone mom-to-be needs. I’m so glad it went well!!!

  11. AL

    30 weeks, Egg, that’s awesome! Very cool that your hospital has a multiples birthing class, that’s a great idea since so much is so different.

  12. 30 WEEKS! Holy cow! Why does it seem like your pregnancy is flying by and mine is going at a snail’s pace?! LOL! Loved hearing all the details of your class. I am completely understand the fine line you are talking about. I guess that is just the reality of the situation, but doesn’t exactly make it easy to balance such opposing emotions!

  13. 30! What a beautiful number!

    You have the perfect attitude to just focus on whatever is best for the babies, especially with twins . A lot of people get focused on what kind of birth they want which isn’t a bad thing at all. (Best to be prepared and articulate on what you do want, no doubt.) We all have ideals, but it then becomes kind of a “mourning” when things don’t go as wanted and you have to go with meds, c-section, etc. My deal is I’ll try to be prepared, but have zero expectations or ideals. Give me a healthy baby and I’ll be a happy camper!

    I’m so happy for you!

  14. FCblacksheep

    Wow, it’s so awesome you had your birthing class! Reading this I had a thought; maybe your lack of ever feeling any symptoms will actually mean a pretty low-key birth since your body just seems to go with the flow.

    Your attitude as always is amazing. Egg, this isn’t just lip service, when I get pregnant I want to be just like you. 🙂

  15. Congrats, my friend, on hitting the big 3-0!! That is a major milestone and I am so happy for you to be there!! I, too, get teary eyed whenever I see the actual moment of birth. It’s just so full of emotion and excitement!! I’ll probably cry whenever I see your birth post, too. Perhaps it’s just that I’m a sap…

  16. This sounds like you had such a good time! Yay! I can’t imagine being preg with multiples as a former infertile. The anxiety must be insane–you, my friend, are holding up EXTREMELY well!! And through it all, you’ve had a wonderful sense of humor. I can’t wait to hear more about your preparations :). xoxo

  17. 30 weeks is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are doing such a great job, Egg. Zen zen zen

  18. Sienna

    Yaay for an awesome birthing class. I can’t imagine that one for singletons would’ve been interesting for you in any shape or form. I kinda wish they had one for IFers bc I don’t even wanna be in a room with “normal” folk. Get lots a rest and keep on growing strong babies!

  19. Glad you enjoyed your class. We just signed up for some and I’m a little nervous! Awesome job on 30 weeks!

  20. charandjesse

    Our Twinsies were born vaginally even after being induced! You can do it, you really can!!! A good attitude and positive thinking goes a long, long way.

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