Still here

I had another OB check-up today, because of Monday’s drama. My cervie is managing to hold steady at 3cm, with no length. Thank you cervie, thank you babies! And thank you ute, for not contracting much the past few days! It was SUCH A RELIEF.

I’d noticed the crazy bulge I have on my right upper quadrant (aka Baby B) had felt different over the past couple of days and maybe was more focused along my right side. Turns out Baby B has moved into head-down position. Which is funny because hubs and I gave up on telling her to do that about six weeks ago. Of course a million different complications may mean that I’ll have a c-section, but for right now, vag-delivery still looks possible.

Baby A has always been head-down, but he’s super-duper vertex these days—bumping up against my cervie, totally engaged in my pelvis and ready to go. And, oh boy, I can tell, I have so much pelvic pressure! It’s hard to feel him in this position, actually, which has been wigging me out a little bit. But he fortunately gets the hiccups a couple of times a day so I know he’s there, doing okay.

My blood pressure was really high again. (I get SO hyped up for appointments nowadays.) But they let me go home since it wasn’t as bad as Monday and I’d just been screened for pre-e while at the hospital. But now I have to start taking my blood pressure at home at least 3x/day.

My one more day mantra is in FULL FORCE right now. One more day, one more day, one more day. If we can make it through today, we will be at 34 weeks. 10 hours to go….



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23 responses to “Still here

  1. 10 more hours! You can do it! And hopefully a little longer after that. 🙂

  2. Incredible news!!!! Makes my day! Keep hanging in there and staying strong! Wow, this is impressive!!!

  3. Come on 34 weeks! So happy your cervie and ute are cooperating. And even more happy that the babies are head down! Are you so psyched?! That’s so awesome they flipped and are both down. I hope you’re able to avoid the C-section since you want to experience the delivery. Fingers crossed for ONE more week at least! xoxo

  4. Hang on babies…just a while longer. I know we keep telling you that but you really have to put on your patient hats for your mom and dad right now…at least one more day! I’m so happy that you continue to bake those babies.

  5. Lesley

    Yay, you have (basically) made it to 34 weeks!! I am so thrilled! Hold on babies!!!

  6. Now that was a great post to wake up to. Remember Saturday will be a great day to deliver those babies. Or not. But if you have to have a baby go Pisces yay! Stick babies stick!

  7. sienna

    i am soooo impressed with your cervie!!! 34 weeks tomorrow!!!! your “one more day” mantra bought you WEEKS, can you believe it?? you’re babies are gonna be great, whenver they decide to come now. each day is just extra money in the piggybank, is how i see it. so, looks like baby boy will be delivered first, since he’s closest to your cervie? i wonder if that holds true for a c-section as well, or if they take them out differently that way. regardless, glad you sound sooo relaxed and that you’re doing even better :o) xoxoxoxo.

  8. I always round up, so in my book, you are 34 weeks!!! Gosh, just think how far you’ve come and how insanely awesome your cervie is for hanging in so long! Any day after this is icing! Keep it up, my friend.

    Oh, and while I’m sure vag delivery is no walk in the park, after perhaps the most horrendous c-section experience postpartum, I am very excited for your babies to arrive au naturale!


  9. Jen

    Yay 34 weeks, only 10 more hours! Hang in there!!

  10. That cervie of steel of yours isn’t going to let those babies come out until they AT LEAST reach 34 weeks (and likely go beyond that!). You are doing such an amazing job Egg, keep hanging in there. One more day, one more day…

  11. Connie

    Hold on babies !!! 34 weeks is good. 35 would be great. 36 n more would be MAH-VELOUS !!

  12. AL

    Come on 34 weeks!!! You can definitely make it!!

    Awesome that both babies are head down and it’s possible you could have a vag delivery with them – but hoping that doesn’t happen for a bit. Hang in there!

  13. JC

    I’m so glad you’re doing ok and the babies are still in there! =)

  14. FCblacksheep

    Wow, those babies are pretty awesome right now. Preparing themselves but still hanging on. Here’s hoping for 10 more hours and then some. You all can do this!

  15. One more day! One more day!

    You are sooooo close to 34 weeks, Eggie. You and the bebes are going to make it there, I know it! I am so, so, so thrilled that everything is hanging in there. This is going to be okay. Baby A and Baby B are little rock stars and are going to make their mama so proud!

  16. woohoo all 3 of you are amazing to have made it to 34! yeah B Goal!! they’re being little show-offs too by being in the perfect birthing position 🙂

  17. 34 weeks is AWESOME. I really hope you know that. You are doing such an amazing job!

    Hoping for a vag delivery for you too. 🙂

  18. Heidi

    i’m just so amazed! 34 weeks is WONDERFUL!!! i’m so relieved for you–those babes are going to be just. fine. *smile*

  19. 34 weeks doesn’t sound crazy scary early. You totally did it! Those kiddos are gonna be in great shape when they decided to make their grand entrance!

  20. You are doing such an amazing job baking those babies, Egg!!

  21. Wow! I am soooo impressed by the strength coming out of the Good Egg household! Both yours and that of your awesome cervix!! I am so happy that you are still hanging in there! One more day!

    Now, enough about you, how about those awesome babies of yours!! Getting all ready just like their momma asked.

  22. You are such a rock star! 34 weeks is GREAT! You have come so far! The thought of Baby A’s hiccups is too cute! Hang in there, Egg! You are doing awesome!!!

  23. You can do it!!! I’m so amazed that you’ve been able to hold out for this long; must be all that fantastic Zenergy. ❤

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