Another Monday, another OB appt

But this was a good one! At 34w3d, I’m still 3cm dilated (and 100% effaced). I’ve had a lot of snotty discharge and pelvic pressure since Thursday’s appointments, so I was tooooooooooooootally shocked to hear my cervix has hung in there at 3cm. THANK YOU LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know from doing research online and reading blogs that it’s HIGHLY likely babies born before 36 weeks will need a good amount of NICU time, but we have come so far from Valentine’s Day. I am so so so grateful. Keep growing big and strong in there, sweet little babies.

Dr. Zen also said that at this point my bedrest restrictions are lifted. WHAT!!??? I feel like we’ve got a good thing going here….me progressing and then hanging out for a bit, the babies staying put, minimal contractions, etc (no jinxies!). She says there is nothing I can do to stop or start labor at this point. If it’s going to happen, it’ll happen whether or not I’m horizontal on my couch.

She could see I was pretty freaked out by the idea of messing with bedrest and said to do whatever makes me comfortable. But she did encourage me to leave the house for one outing a day. I have only left the apartment for OB appointments this month. It feels so weird to have permission to GO SOMEWHERE. I mean, I don’t even go to the other end of the apartment unless I need food or a shower…..(Now that I’m reflecting on this I wonder if they want you to get up to help out your muscle tone etc, so you’re not a total limp dishrag for birth?)

I don’t think I’ll actually change anything, to be honest, but it feels pretty freaking AWESOME to not feel sick and helpless for the first time in a long time.

We love you so so so so so so so so much, Baby A and Baby B. Stay put in there!!! We can’t wait to meet you, but you have more growing and developing to do! Stay strong, cervie! Stay chill, ute! One more day, one more day, one more day.



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16 responses to “Another Monday, another OB appt

  1. Good, good, good, good news. That ute and cervie or yours are rockstars. I’m so, so thrilled that you are half-way to 35 weeks. What a milestone!

  2. Great news all around. I can’t believe you are almost to the finish line. Hang in there! You are doing great.

  3. Just my two cents about why they lifted bedrest…after 34 weeks physicians normally do nothing else to stop your labor. You already have your steriods for the babies and typically 34+ week babies do great (happy dance 🙂 You deserve to get out and have some fun before the twins get here. Go ahead and nest and go shopping, if they come now, they are gonna be okay! Best of luck. Thinking of you!

  4. Lesley

    Yay!!! I am so happy for no change in status! Hang on, babies and cervix!

  5. Yay for such a fantastic OB appt! And awesome about the bed rest. Now you can walk to and from the kitchen w/out worry!! Xoxo

  6. FCblacksheep

    Egg, in the past your body hasn’t always gotten mad props on here (i.e. chronic cysts) but I’m going to give it a standing ovation. Way to hang in there!!! This is amazing. It would, of course, be fabulous if the cervix held out a little longer but at this point everything should be awesome no matter what happens. You’re in a really good place and have truly come so far. I’m happy for you all.

    p.s. About the permitted outings, the muscle tone thing makes total sense. The first thing I thought of actually was it might be psychologically helpful, since you’ve been on bed rest for so long and soon you’ll be giving birth to two babies, which will be all consuming.

  7. Okay, I am still processing that you have been on bedrest for a whole month!!! Everything has seemed so imminent for so long, going at any second! You are a rock star and so is your cervix. You have been such a good little bed-rester!

  8. Woo hoo! I’m betting you are going to surpass my 35 weeks. 🙂

  9. I’m in awe! I just can’t believe how far you have come since last month’s big scare!

    I completely understand. I would be scared to change the bed rest or anything about my routine at this point, but is nice to have the mandate lifted.

  10. sienna

    i’m in serious awe of all this!! yaay!! and your pretty calendar must be sooo full of stickers by now!!! i’d feel really wigged out if my doc all of a sudden told me to stop bed rest as well. i just can’t fathom how moving around wouldn’t make the babies more eager to come out?? i am sooo excited for you that the babies have stayed put this long and that it’s now totally safe for them to make their debut. i still remember that post where you said there were TWO sacs all of a sudden. time has flown by :o)

  11. AL

    holy cervix, L!! Awesome!

    Hope we get to celebrate THIRTY-FIVE weeks with you on Friday! Things are looking good, but yes, one day at a time!

  12. You are doing so great, babe! I’m thoroughly amazed.

  13. Waaahooo!! I am so excited for you to have made it this far. Valentine’s Day seems like a lifetime ago and you and those babies have held on like champs since then! How are you doing with the 1 outing/day? I can imagine that it’s kinda nerve-wracking but I’m sure that it’s also really good for all of you!! HUGS!

  14. You and your cervie are AMAZING!! I am so thrilled for you that you keep going and going! This is all icing!

  15. hi! thanks for your recent comment on my blog and congrats on your twin pregnancy! sounds like you’ve done amazing on bed rest so far!

    i think you are right to be wary of quitting bed rest just yet. our docs said we could quit at 35 weeks and we decided to do another week anyway. it just seemed like a simple equation of another week of bedrest is better than a week NICU stay. in the end, we were glad we did. the day bed rest ended, we went out to dinner – just casual and low-key. the next morning, we took a short walk (and i mean *short*, not even a whole block). water broke 20min later. so yeah, we are big believers in bed rest!

    wishing you the best of luck in these upcoming weeks, im looking forward to following along!

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