Sweet little things

I keep thinking about things I’d like to post, but I get distracted. So here’s another bulleted post of this-n-that in the meantime!

  • I am so incredibly happy. 🙂 Snuggling the babies melts me into a puddle of pure love and awe. I can’t believe how LUCKY we are. We love our sweet little babies so so so so SO much. Thank you, lord, for bringing them into the world safe and sound. I still can’t even believe this is my life, I am so grateful!!!!
  • We were so very very very lucky that our babies didn’t need NICU time. But they were born very small—even for their gestational age and for being twins. I am plagued with guilt about their size. Even though I know it’s not my “fault”— and that I ate and ate and ate to grow big, strong babies—I feel responsible. Why can’t I let this guilt and anxiety go and just be 110% thankful to my body for all that it accomplished?
  • Since the morning after we got discharged from the hospital, we’ve been going to the pediatrician every 3 to 7 days for weigh-ins. At the last check-up, they had gained weight for the first time. (Yip!!!) They still haven’t made it back up to their birth weights, but I think we are getting close. Their little tummies and cheeks seem to be filling out and they eat like champs.
  • To help them gain weight, our ped has us on a strict every-2-hours eating schedule. Plus, we feed a baby whenever he/she is hungry even if it hasn’t been two hours….all to maximize weight gain. This makes for, literally, round the clock feeds. I’m trying to breast feed them more often (in the beginning I wasn’t allowed to do it much because the babies spend precious calories on the breast) because the current process is awfully time consuming (change a diaper, try to get a baby to take some milk from the boob, feed the baby a bottle, maybe change another diaper, pump, make a bottle, wash the pumping parts…..and repeat with the next baby). Whew!
  • Seeing pics of other newborns kind of makes my jaw drop. Other infants look SO FREAKING HUGE! I know we will look back on these tiny, feedings-every-hour days very fondly, but right now I am so so so looking forward to those “3 hours” in between feeds that other new Moms talk about. And also to our babies chubbing up. They only have a few outfits they fit in and it kills me seeing their skinny, wrinkly legs and arms, just waiting for fat deposits. Sweet little babies.
  • I cannot wait for the spring weather to arrive and for the babies to be big and strong enough for me to take them on walks by the lake and out and about! Grow babies, grow!!!
  • It is SO AWESOME not being on bedrest. I have been having a blast taking out the trash, walking all over the apartment, cooking dinner, simple stuff!….in retrospect, I can see what a toll bedrest was taking on my mental and emotional state.
  • Speaking of emotional states….I feel overwhelmed and exhausted a lot of the time, but cuddling with the babies always makes me feel on top of the world. There are even brief and glowing moments of “Okay, I think I might have some semblance of a handle on all of this and everything is going to be just fine.” Those fleeting moments are usually right after a hot shower, a gulp of coffee or a sip of wine. 🙂


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24 responses to “Sweet little things

  1. Most importantly, the babes are precious!!! I am so glad you posted another picture. It makes me so excited for my own twins to arrive seeing these wee ones so healthy and happy. Hoping they continue to eat, eat, eat and grow healthy and strong!

    Secondly, the best part of this post is this line: I have been having a blast taking out the trash…hilarious!!! Bed rest must really have done you in!

  2. ack! they are SO cute!!!

    the round-the-clock feeding schedule WILL end, hang in there. at about 9-10 weeks old, ours started sleeping longer stretches and now at 12 weeks old, they are just starting to sleep through the night. awesomeness.

    ditto for the chunking up. it happens so fast – i look back now at our skinny newborn photos in amazement. time flies!

    sounds like you are doing great overall. congrats mama!!

  3. Lesley

    Soooo cute! They look really healthy and happy, Egg. As for 3 hours between feedings– sounds good to me, too! Even though P is a porker, she still eats every hour to 2 hours… I am glad you’re able to stop and enjoy the coffee and wine, and perhaps a little sushi and cold cuts :). One baby takes up all my time, so I can imagine how time consuming it is, working with two!! Double the love, though.

  4. My heart is gushing right along with you! They are so sweet and tiny. You did a FANTASTIC job growing them…let that guilt go. There wasn’t much more you could do, sweetie. They are healthy and eating and doing great. They will be chubby before you know it. I love the picture!!

  5. yah, those are the cutest babies ever! it sounds like you are loving being a mama and doing a great job at it! keep up the great work!

  6. AL

    They are so adorable, Miss Egg! Don’t feel one bit guilty for their size, you did awesome and keeping them in as long as you did and they are strong and healthy and getting pudgier every day!

    I can only imagine how exhausting the every two hour feedings are with twins. I hope that you’re taking care of you and healing up from the birth too. you’re doing great!

  7. sienna

    ooooh, what adorable babies!!! are their personalities showing yet?? girlfriend – you must be EXHAUSTED. are you guys getting any help at all, or just you and hubby doing all of this stuff??? i hope the babies keeping gaining gaining gaining weight and hopefully those every-3-hr feedings get here quick so that you can at least get a *few* minutes rest inbetween each cycle :o) i’m soooo happy for you that everything is perfecto and that the twins are doing well. and esp, that you’re uber happy, as you should be ! xoxoxoxo.

  8. ohh they are so cuuute! i love chores and wine too 🙂 keep up the feedings.. they’ll be 10-lb chunkers in no time!

  9. Boy, are they precious. And they will fill out! Sounds as though you’re doing everything right. So glad you’re all together! xoxo

  10. Don’t feel guilty…they are HEALTHY and they will be big and strong soon too! What gorgeous little peanuts 🙂

  11. Oh, I can’t imagine being on bed rest like you were. It sounds so mind-numbing. I think you’re amazing for getting through that.

    The babies look completely adorable and I’m sure they will start gaining some real weight in no time.

    So happy for you!

  12. gurlee

    AWW! They are super cute. I love the tone of your post, sheer bliss 🙂

  13. I love love love that picture. I love that you are finally FB official 🙂 Guess you couldn’t hide it any longer, could you 🙂

    Your little babies will plump up, don’t you worry. You are doing a great job taking care of them, mama. I’m so glad that you are feeling all the newborn bliss!

  14. Heidi

    omg, they are freakin’ adorable!!! your words brought me to tears–i’m so excited for my junebug to arrive! you are such a great mama–those babes are soooooo very lucky to have such amazing parents who love and adore them like you do! they are perfect 🙂 and they will be super big before you know it! you’ll look back on these days and smile…

  15. Your babies are healthy!! That is the BEST think you could have ever done for them. Maybe they are a little small, but the fact that they had ZERO NICU time at 35 weeks is awesome. Whatever you did, you did it right and grew happy and healthy babies!!!!

    The feedings will get better. Our girls slept 4.5 hours straight a few times this week. I just know they will be gaining and soon enough you’ll be getting (a little) more sleep. Hang in there – you’re doing great. I can’t wait to introduce our little twinsies!!


  16. It seems like every new mother feels guilty about at least one thing, so hey, you’ve picked yours. The schedule does sound really intense, but I guess it would be strange if it weren’t! C & L look so happy and gorgeous! It won’t be long before they’re big and plump!

  17. i see the picture and read your words and I literally melt into a puddle of love and soppiness. I am so happy for you eggie! your babies are perfect and gorgeous!!

  18. FCblacksheep

    Looking at those babies I don’t know how you get anything done but snuggling. Cute and cute. They look healthy and beautiful and the weight will come. But you know that. I’m amazed how in high spirits you sound. Two babies is a lot of work on a normal schedule (I’d imagine), let alone a ramped up feeding schedule. Proving once again, Egg, that you are a rock star.

  19. I love those babies!

    The weight thing is rough. First of all, you did great! Some babies are just small. My girls are almost 7 months, and they still only weight 13 pounds. We feed them obviously, and they are growing, but they are still around the 3rd percentile for weight. I struggle with this a lot because people are constantly telling me that my kids NEED to gain more weight? Why? It’s one thing if they are malnurished, or hungry and we weren’t feeding them enough. But they eat what they eat. I can’t force them to eat more. Some people are just small. Someone has to come in below the 5th percentile, or there wouldn’t be a scale at all. Ok, end rant. 🙂

  20. I think they look so adorable! Man, I love them :). So, so precious. Rest up, Miss Egg. xoxo

  21. The fact that they didn’t need NICU time shows just how effective all those pregnancy shakes were. So no guilt! They’re gonna grow into their skin so fast that you’ll wonder where the time went. Wes was born with skin that looked a size or two too big. He was like a wrinkly baby elephant. I hope for your sake that you’re able to move to longer stretches between feeds, cause what you’re doing now sounds exhausting!

  22. What absolutely gorgeous and perfect babies you have!! C&L are heart-melters!!

    I think that Bunny is right – every new mom has something to feel guilty about, but I am certain that you did all you could to chunk those babies up. Don’t I seem to remember something about burgers and milkshakes? 🙂 They’ll start to fill out soon!!


  23. Yeah, they are cute. I had a freind who had a 3lb 13 oz baby and I always saw here and forgot how giagantic other babies were. It was kinda funny.

  24. charandjesse

    Hey Egg!

    Our Nana was 4 3 when we left the hospital and Lala was 5 2 and she even went down to 4 13…and guess what? At 10 months they’re still small for their age but are 18 and 19 pounds.

    For me the guilt went away with the milestones. As they develomentally beat the pants off their peers (they’ve been walking for a month!) I was able to realize that they really ARE perfect, and all truly is well. And our ped says they can walk BECAUSE they are so little, not as much mass to coordinate :).

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