5 pounds!

Today I am celebrating my bday—the best one of my entire life. 🙂 It began with snuggles with the babies. Then we had an 8am appointment at the ped. Both babies have surpassed their birth weights and made it to the 5 pound mark!!!!! GREAT JOB, BABIES!!! (We’re now cleared to do tummy time with them, which I’ve really been looking forward to.) We love these kiddos so much. Not sure if you can tell from my iPhone photos, but their little cheeks (and tummies) are definitely chubbing up. Yip!!!

Current most-used nicknames for Lu.cy: Luce De Goose. Cookie Monster. Honey. Honey Pie. Lucy Pie. Current most-used nicknames for Char.lie: Super Mario. CW. C-dog. Little Guy. Charlie Poo.



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31 responses to “5 pounds!

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I bet this is the best one ever! And what a great way to celebrate – with the babies reaching the 5lb mark! Hope the days just get better and better…

  2. sienna

    Happy happy birthday, egg!! Must be so extra special with the twinsies here. Who does everyone say the behbies look like so far?? Yaay for the weight gain and passing the 5 pound mark. They are just too cute for words!! Xoxoxoxo.

  3. lady pumpkin

    Happy birthday, honey! What a wonderful celebration day. The wee’uns look fantastic; hooray for their being a little less wee than they were! Sending love to all of you.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! See, I knew it’s not that the babies were in a rush to be on the outside but they wanted to be there to give you the best birthday gift ever!!! The babes look wonderful!!

    And I totally want to know why you call C Super Mario!!

  5. Happy Birthday!!! And that is fantastic about their weight gain! They are super cute and I love those chubby cheeks! Dayne is getting them as well and I can’t help but kiss them all the time!

  6. They. Are. Awesome.

    Happy Birthday, Egg!

  7. Look at those little faces. They are getting to be little prize fighters. Have an awesome birthday!

  8. Happy birthday!! And I love C-Dog and Lucy Pie!! Great nicknames. They are sto stinkin’ cute!

  9. Chubby cheeks! I see them 🙂

    Happy, happy birthday, my dear friend Egg!! I am so glad you have two wonderful presents in your life to celebrate with today.

  10. So cute! They’re definitely getting chub cheeks… LOVE!

    Happy birthday, sweetie.

  11. Happy Birthday!!! Your little ones are too cute! You sound like you are doing great! The continuous feedings and diaper changes sound exhausting, but as always, you have an amazing attitude and perspective! Can’t wait to hear all your tips and tricks as these little ones grow so I can copy! ; )

  12. Lucy Pie and Charlie Poo. How cute!!!!!! I’m sure I don’t need to tell you to have a great birthday. You’ve got the two best gifts anyone could ever ask for.

  13. Lesley

    Happy Birthday! Best present ever, isn’t it? (P was born 3 days before my b-day).

    They look pretty chubby, and totally cute. I still love their names, and now I adore their nicknames. 🙂

  14. AL

    Happy birthday, Egg!

    They look great! Grow lil ones!

  15. FCblacksheep

    Happy birthday Egg!!! What wonderful gift indeed. Loving the look on C-dog’s face. Precious.

  16. Happy birthday! And big congrats on getting those babies to the 5 lb mark! That is a *huge* accomplishment, so you must be doing it right! Those are some mighty cute babies. I remember that it took one of my boys three or so weeks to make it back to birth weight, and it was so emotional for me, even though it was my chunk-chunk baby who was slow to regain his weight. When you’re breast feeding, and when you have twins, it feels like you have to work that much harder to “defend” the decision to breast feed– I think what I mean is that I understand what an accomplishment it is to see your baby thrive, how your heart swells when there’s proof (finally!) that your body is doing this nourishing thing right. So YAY! Good for you! So happy!

  17. Happy Birthday!!!!

    And congrats on hitting 5 pounds. They are so lovely.

  18. happy birthday!!! yay for 10 lbs of babies, great job with the feedings!

  19. Happy birthday! Awesome news on the weight gain. They are going to be total chubsters before you know it! I can totally tell the difference, even from the last two photos! They are BEYOND cute and I love their nicknames. We need to come up with some for our girls. We haven’t once called them Ting and Ling since they were born and haven’t been creative yet 🙂
    So, so, so happy for you my friend. Hope you had a wonderful day! xoxo

  20. aw, they are SO cute!!!
    (arent those A&A swaddling blankets the best??)

  21. OMG, those babies little cheeks are pinch-worthy…that’s how chubby they’re getting. They literally get cuter by the day!!! It looks like you’re feeding them well Egg:)

  22. Jeanna

    those babies are absolute preciousness

  23. charandjesse

    Happy happiest Birthday! May it be the first of many.

  24. Happy birthday!!! They look so great! Congrats!

  25. Happy Birthday!!! And great job chunkin up those sweet babies! They are perfect!

  26. Happiest of all happy birthdays! I am definitely seeing some chub in those precious little cheeks. Thank you, friend, for all your love and support!

  27. Happy (belated) birthday, my friend! What a fantastic way to start your birthday. I can only imagine how beaming you are right now. I love it. And have I mentioned how much I love your names for the babes? Just adorable. You and DH are just too precious with these babies. I hope you had a most wonderful day! xoxo

  28. ltb

    Yip for 5 pounds! Your babes are adorable! And I love hearing the nicknames! I’m just so over the top happy for you whenever iread your updates! I cant’ believe how long we’ve been “friends” for! Time flies! wow!

  29. They are so stinkin’ adorable. 🙂 How wonderful that they’re already up to 5#!!! Happy belated bithday!

  30. Happy birthday, and congrats on hitting that 5 pound mark. It took us over two weeks to get there, but ever since it seems like they are growing like weeds!

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