Settling into this…

Oh, my gosh, it has been much too long since I have written. Of course I have been busy and seriously at a loss of words to articulate everything I’m feeling and doing lately, but also, part of me has been reluctant to embrace the whole “motherhood” blog thing. I was inspired by Mel’s post today, which urges us to be “diarists” wherever we are in our lives. It really resonated with me. Parenting twins (!!!!!!), amazingly, is where I am, and what I’m living, and what’s on my mind, so here we go….

I am so blessed, so lucky, so happy. Every day I feel immense gratitude for these babies. I feared I would never ever be pregnant, then I was so anxious during pregnancy, and here we are….I still can’t believe our babies are really home with us and giving us cuddles and coos and chubby cheeks to snuggle and kiss and sleep deprivation. It is all beyond awesome. I hope and pray, and hope and pray, that you are all here someday soon. In particular, my friends and very good eggs, Mrs. Brightside and TeeJay, have endured incredible pain and heart ache over the past couple of weeks—they have suffered more than anyone should have to. I pray that they find some peace; my whole heart is with them. I am also sending my best implantation and take-home baby vibes to good eggie Chon, who had a successful transfer in her IVF cycle over the weekend, please please please let this be IT.

There are so many posts floating around in my head, but I will just tackle one for now.

First order of biz-ness: I’m going to start referring to Baby A, our little baby boy, as Champ (left, above). Because he is a champion eater, sleeper, observer, cuddle-er, everything-er. And Baby B (right, above), our little baby girl, will be known as Honey. Because she is our sweet little thing, our feisty beautiful Honey Pie.

The babies turned 7 weeks old on Monday. As they say, time really does fly. It’s strange, as each day can seem so long—with diaper changes and naps and feedings and tummy time and pumping and story time and bath time and clothing changes and walks—and yet they go for their 2-month check-up next week. It’s amazing.

So, NEWSFLASH (!!), babies come in all shapes, sizes and temperments. Our little Champ is the mellowest thing in the world. Of course he waves his hands, cuddles, cries, shrieks when we don’t feed him quickly enough—but, oh my lord—he is cool as a cucumber/happy as a clam/yada yada yada, 90% of the time. He goes to sleep right after eating in the night. He goes to bed at night without a fight. He eats quickly and efficiently. He gains weight so well. He is an easy-going little ANGEL baby, with his big eyes darting around and observing and taking in everything!

It is our blessing, not our burden, that our little Honey is so very different! 🙂 She is a fussy fussy fussy baby. The poor little thing has really severe gas….and while I think it’s improving, thanks to her digestive system maturing and a dose of Mylicon with each feeding and extensive burping and raising her mattress to a 40-degree incline, it’s still there and she’s uncomfie whenever she eats. And she eats all.the.time. Until 2 days ago, we were averaging 15 feedings a day with her compared to 10 with Champ. (Ay yi yi.) She spends her days grunting and groaning and generally showing her chronic discomfort. It’s hard to be a baby!! Poor sweet, sweet thing.

She tends to get super-duper cranky/cry-y/inconsolable during the witching hour (starting around 4pm) and it’s a full-fledged meltdown if she hasn’t napped well that day. Ditto for putting her to sleep,

But, oh, she is just the sweetest thing. She loooooooooooooooooves to cuddle. She loves to sleep on our chests. She loves to roam around the apartment doing household chores with me in the sling. She has the brightest blue eyes and the most platinum blonde little mullet and she has so much fire and strength and feistiness in her for an almost 8-pound (I think?!) baby.

All of this is to preface the fact that we are, after 7 weeks, finally trying to get some order around here. I’ve been feeding on demand (a combo of nursing and breastmilk from bottles) until a couple of days ago, in order to maximize weight gain. No more! (Not that we aren’t still concerned about weight gain, we are, it’s just that we know they are capable of getting as much milk as they need by taking larger quantities in fewer feedings.) We’re finally feeding both babies AT THE SAME TIME. Which means waking up one baby if the other one wants to eat, day or night. This basically means we are trying to stretch Honey out beyond the 1.5 or 2 hours she was going in between feeds until now. And we’re letting Honey cry for a few minutes when we put her down at night before we go and check on her and re-arrange her—and I am no longer picking her up and cuddling/rocking her to sleep.

We are also trying to get them to sleep longer stretches at night. As I mentioned, until a couple of days ago they were eating whenever they wanted to. Now that we’re feeding them AT THE SAME TIME, we’ve reduced the number of middle of night feedings from 6 to 3 (rocket science!). So last night, the second night of the new “simul-feeding and hopefully longer stretches of sleep” regime, they ate at 730pm, 11pm, 230am, 5am, 730am. Those two 3.5 hour stretches of sleep they had are sooooooooo encouraging! And, just as exciting, they have been going back to sleep right after they eat. (Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase no jinxies, newborn sleep gods.) I really really really hope they can keep this up and maybe ditch the midnight-ish or 3am-ish feed sometime in the next month or so.

Regularly scheduled napping and feed times = a bridge we probably won’t cross for some time. It’s hard to make plans with peeps because it’s always a game of roulette betting on what times of day the feedings will fall. Fortunately, AplusB is going through similar nap/feed mayhem, and we met for our very first playdate (of many!) with all four (!!!) of our babies on Tuesday. 🙂

So that’s what’s up with the babies. In other news, I am flying to NYC to be a bridesmaid in one of my best friends weddings this weekend. I know. I KNOW. I can’t believe it either. My heart aches at the thought of leaving the babies (even for the “short” 40 hours I’ll be gone) and I shudder at the idea of pumping in airports and in between wedding events and not leaking thru my bridesmaid dress. (In case you’re wondering, my MIL will be in town to help hubs survive two nights sans me.) And let’s not even discuss how chubs I’m going to look in my turquoise dress—even tho I’ve lost a lot of my pregnancy weight, the remaining 7 pounds (ahem, this does not count the extra 10lbs of IF weight I had pre-pregnancy) are somehow giving me 3 chins, a buddha belly and an overall layer of pudge. Nice.

Wish me luck on all fronts, my dear bloggie friends!!!!



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20 responses to “Settling into this…

  1. Hi there–Oh the many odd places I have pumped! But, bathrooms are THE WORST. Inevitably, you will drop something, so be warned!

    Thanks so much for keeping up with me on this journey. It means so much to me.

  2. Oh my gosh. They are so cute! I love how champ has his arms up like he’s showing us his guns. Amazing. Thanks for sharing your beautiful babies with us. So cute!

  3. Good luck, Eggie! I’m sure you will both have a fabulous time and will miss your little sweeties so much. They are such cute, wonderful-seeming babies I can’t blame you! Your routine sounds tiring but great. I’m so glad that you and the babies are settling into a new kind of normal. I’m so happy for you, Mama Egg!

  4. aw thanks for the shout out. your babies are just too dreamy for words. i love how blond they both are and the fact they have such different personalities! 7 weeks how it flies!! You are doing a wonderful job I am so proud of you!!

  5. wow. um, do we have the same babies? my baby A is exactly like you described champ and B is like your B. if you haven’t yet get the fisher price rock & play sleeper. it’s at a 45 degree incline and is sooo comfy and rocks too. she loves it and it’s great for reflux babies.
    how do you feed them at the same time during the day by yourself? are you tandeming?!! because if you are that is awesome 🙂 it’s been gorgeous and 70’s all week here but it’s going to rain this weekend booo

  6. Good luck leaving your sweet babes for the wedding…it will be hard but you’ll be back before you know it! Good for you for actually doing it! Glad all is well in twin land – you guys sound like you are rocking it!

  7. sienna

    how cute are your babies!!! ahh! they look remarkably alike to me. i *know* they are siblings, but seriously. is it just me? who do peeps say they look like, you, hubs, mix? glad that everything is going well and a somewhat routine is being established. i can’t believe almost 2 months have flown by either. craziness!!! have a blast this weekend, although i know you’ll be missing them sweet babies. but at least we’re having super nice weather here in nyc :o) xoxo.

  8. AL

    whoa, they’re almost two months old?! how the heck did that happen!? they’ve gotten so big so fast, well done mama!

    Best of luck in NYC, I can’t imagine how hard it will be to be away from both little ones for the weekend, I hope it goes well. xoxo

  9. Thank you for your kind words and your support. You really ARE a good Egg. 🙂 I love reading about your babies and your love for them. Your happiness is so evident in every word and phrase. Those babies are very lucky to have you as their mom. Best of luck with your quick out of town trip, I’m sure it won’t be easy but hopefully you’ll be distracted enough by all things “wedding” that the time will fly and you will be home with your family before you know it.

  10. ltb

    Look at your cute little ones! So wonderful! Charlie looks just like a champion, flexing his biceps, in that pic! I hear you on the trouble with fussy babies. Alexandra is so sweet and she is quick to smile and giggle but also quick to fuss and cry. They are just sensitive! One thing that was recommended to me early on to help with colic and gas was to give them probiotic drops. We give Alexandra something called Biogaia. It’s not cheap (around $40 a bottle that lasts about a month). You just give them 5 drops once a day. I think it helped Alexandra quite a bit! Good luck!

  11. I can’t stop staring at the pics of your two sweet, sweet babies. They are just such blessings and look like such little angels. And the blond/blonde hair! Oh I melt! I just love babies with white, fuzzy hair and yours are too precious!

    It sounds like you and DH have a great routine going though I know you’d really like more sleep. But I think the progress you both and the babies have made is tremendous! Kudos to you and DH for such great teamwork!

    Have so much fun this weekend! I know you’ll be missing your babies so much but try to have some fun with your friends! xoxo

  12. I’ve been thinking of you and A a lot these days! Mothering twins sounds heroic!

  13. I have a whole new appreciation for twin mothers. Seriously, you are amazing for doing such a great job with TWO babies. It’s quite reassuring to hear about their very different personalities. It’s easy for parents to blame themselves if their babies are gassy or fussy or don’t sleep well, but it just goes to show that a baby’s temperament plays a big role. I’m sure you’ll look stunning in that bridesmaid dress.

  14. Oh, I’ve missed you!

    I’m telling you, with twins, it’s never too early to think about nap and feeding schedules. It might not “work” for a while, but just trying it out really pays off in the end.

  15. Your babies are so gorgeous!! They look so much alike in that picture. Do you think they look alike in person, too?

    I hope that you survive your weekend and that you, gasp, even manage to enjoy yourself just the tiniest bit!! I am sure it’ll be hard to be away but I bet the hubs and his mom and those two beautes do perfectly!!

  16. Good luck!

    I think you’ll still manage to have tons of fun in New York. At least, I HOPE so.

    You’re such a great mom. The little “break” will probably be good for you.

    The babies are looking adorable, by the way.

  17. Mara

    So. Cute! Your sweet babies are so adorable. Poor Honey with her gas!

    It’s so good to read about your experience – you are doing such an amazing job, Egg. I hope you have a great time in New York. 🙂

  18. Beautiful, beautiful babies. Sounds like you know your little cookies so well and they are such characters. AMAZING what can happen in 7 weeks, eh? I remember the days when we were stressing about if this would ever happen to us, and now we’re stressing about SUCH different things 🙂 What a miracle.

    I also totally hear you on feeling uncomfortable with turning your infertility blog into a mom blog. Obviously I fall into the camp of “write what you know and don’t apologize for it”. Everyone comes here with a different story, and hopefully those still struggling can see this “parenting blog”, if that’s the way you choose to go with it, as a vision of hope for their own future.

    You are doing awesome. Just… awesome. And don’t worry about the new body shape — it goes away!!!

  19. Good luck! 🙂

    I’m so glad you updated and shared wih us what you and the babies have been up to. I am loving Champ’s double chin! So cute! And a huge congrats for tandem feedings! You’re my inspiration! I hope to master that skill as well when the time comes.

  20. I love that picture and can’t wait to get my hands on Charlie and Lucy again this week! So fun that our little babies are already buddies. And that we can share the woes of our fussy ones and laugh about our champs.
    Can’t wait to hear about the wedding!

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