Home again home again, jiggity jig

I survived the wedding weekend and the 40 hours away from Champ and Honey and hubs! It ended up being really fun, and I am SO HAPPY I was able to be there to support my friend and watch her take this huge step of marriage in her life. I did miss the babies constantly and I called/texted/emailed hubs a dozen times to check on them. I brought one of Champ’s swaddle blankets with me and cuddled up with it on the plane rides and at night so I could smell their sweet baby smell while I was away. And anytime a wedding guest asked if I had pics of the babies, I whipped out my phone and showed them a few of the three hundred pics I have saved on there of the babies. 🙂 Their ears must’ve been ringing alllllllll weekend long.

I realized that it’s been FOREVER since I was truly in a social setting. Hubs and I went out to dinner on February 13 (his brother was visiting) and then the next morning the pre-term labor stuff happened and I was put on bedrest for five weeks, and then the babies came and I’ve been a hermit who only leaves to take walks, etc. Of course we’ve had friends over to visit, and we went out to dinner on my bday last month, but I haven’t been ACTIVELY social in about three months. I walk around the hourse in my lulu pants and glasses. I live on coffee and granola bars. It felt like I was being released into the wild! A blow out! Make-up! Pictures! Dancing! Small talk with six other bridesmaids! Cocktail hour! A sit-down dinner! A seven-hour long wedding reception in which to meet new people and catch up with old friends!

I felt like I went from being a hermit to a social butterfly. It was crazy and overwhelming but actually completely wonderful.

And OH MY GOSH was it amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing to walk in our apartment door yesterday afternoon and to find my chubby babies waiting there. I felt like my heart was going to burst. We spent the ENTIRE afternoon snuggling and cuddling together in my bed. 🙂

I’m glad I got the social rust off, as we are heading to our 10-year college reunion in a couple of weeks. AHHHHHH!!!!! I reserve the right to change my mind, but the current plan is for all four of us to fly (!!!) to the East coast and set the babies up with hubs’s parents and spend the first night at their house. Then hubs and I will head to campus for a day and night sans babies. Then hubs’s parents will bring the babies up to campus on Saturday so we can introduce them to our friends. I actually ordered Honey a dress and Champ a polo shirt in our school colors, so I think this is really and truly happening.

If you had told me, when they were born at under 5 pounds, that we would be able to (physcially and emotionally!) take them on a plane trip at 10-weeks old and introduce them to our best college friends, I would’ve thought you were crazy. But their ped has given them 110% clearance to travel. And I think it’s going to happen….

So yeah, basically I have two weeks to try to get my body in a place I feel good about. Honestly? I just don’t have the time or energy to exercise and lift like I need to in order to get my figure back. And I eat even more these days (breastfeeding makes me super hungry) than when I was pregnant. It’s not a good time to diet. (Of course, I don’t really need ice cream at night, but that’s another story!) Being a couple months postpartum and seeing tons of peeps you haven’t seen in 10 years = not ideal timing. I’m going to do a post on recovery from bedrest and birth + exercise + eating, etc at another time. But these babies are (of course!!!!) worth this soft body with its ginormous boobs!!!



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13 responses to “Home again home again, jiggity jig

  1. Egg, your 10-year reunion! I remember how much you hoped to have babies by then, and you do!!! That is so wonderful and perfect. You are all going to have the most amazing time at the reunion, I can just picture you walking around the town and going to all the great places there and showing Champ and Honey the sights 🙂

    Sounds like the wedding weekend was amazing and the homecoming was even better. I am so happy every time I read one of your posts because the love and joy you feel in these babies is just so palpable.

  2. I am sure you look fantastic! We are always our own harshest critics. I say – enjoy that ice cream, strap on some spanx and hit the reunion with pictures in hand of your babes!!!

  3. It sounds like a wonderful weekend and exactly what the doctor ordered!

    I just can’t believe how well those little babies and you are doing. You constantly amaze me, lady! I really do hope you’re able to all make it to the reunion and have a lovely time.

  4. That is awesome!! So glad you guys are doing so great!
    I want to hear all your tips and tricks and what gear you like and don’t like when you have time!!

  5. sienna

    i’m sure this was the best homecoming you ever had!!! glad that the weekend was a success and more importantly, that you’re reunited with the munchkins again!! i ended up skipping my 10 yr last year bc i was too distraught about not being preggers yet. didn’t think i could handle seeing just about everyone i knew with their kidS, so it bummed me out, but i skipped it. you are going to have a blast, esp showing off your cutiepies!! xoxo.

  6. I’m so happy they’re doing so well! And, hey, if you show up with pictures of those babies or those babies in the flesh, no one will be looking at YOU! So find a good dress for your amazing maternal rack and have a great time!

  7. woohoo yay for a funtastic weekend! i give you lots of credit for planning a big trip with the babies!

  8. chon1203

    Sounds like you had an amazing time!! I agree with AmyG get that lovely rack out on display. I always find mothers that have just given birth have the most amazing luscious figures. Like Penelope Cruz at the oscars. She blew me away. I am thinking once you out of the Lulu pants and into a slinky red number with two of the most amazing accessories on your arm (ok three counting your hubby!) you will look sensational!! keep writing these beautiful posts they make me so happy 🙂

  9. I’m sure you look beautiful. I can practically see you glowing with pride from here. And AmyG’s right. With twins in your arms nobody’s gonna notice poor mama!

  10. ltb

    sounds like a great trip and an even greater “welcome home mommy!” Your 10 year reunion will be great! I wish I was close with more people from university and had a reunion to go to ! And now you will have 2 little babes to brag about too!

  11. Mara

    Glad you had a great weekend in NY! And your trip for the reunion sounds awesome – I am super impressed that you are going to go! Good for you guys!

    Breastfeeding makes me super hungry too. I mean it’s great it burns so many calories, but yeah. STARVING.

  12. AL

    So glad the wedding went well and you’re home safe and sound with your sweet babies! Amazing that you guys are taking them on their first plane ride, that is very impressive with ten week olds!!

  13. Thank you so much for your comment about the head measurements. I was hoping someone else had experienced the same thing and gone on to have a healthy baby. Judging by the pics you’ve shared, your little ones are very healthy, happy and absolutely adorable:) I really needed the reassurance!

    I’m sooo glad to hear you had such a nice time at the wedding. Yet again, I was in Chicago while you were in NYC. It’s crazy how our travel plans seem to coincide like that – ha!

    Good luck with the first plane ride. I’m sure you and Hubs will be just fine. It sounds like you’ve both adjusted to parenthood really well:)

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