My poor hubs has dealt with my high-strung personality for more than 10 years. I get VEEEEEERY annoyed in traffic jams. I HAAAAATE it when flights are delayed and cancelled. I DESPIIIIIIISE being late to appointments/events/reservations/etc. When I spill something or break something, it’s freak-out city. My worst trait, I must admit, is my extreme impatience and tendency to make a mountain out of a mole hill. (As you can imagine, I was a real joy to be around during all of my IF treatments—especially with all of those dang cysts!!!) I don’t know why I’m this way, but I am.

But the babies have definitely helped soften that hard edge.

We flew to Florida for a week in the sun over the 4th of July. It was our second airport/plane extravaganza with the babies (who are now 3.5 months old!) and I must say that it went beautifully. There were hiccups, of course….

  • I left their birth certificates at home and for the first time, the check-in dude asked for them. (It was fine.)
  • Honey had a ginormous, sloppy, change-of-clothes-necessary poop-splosion during the first leg of our flight. (I am becoming a pro at diaper changes in airplane restrooms.)
  • There was lightening in the area when we landed in Florida, so it took our baggage 1.5 hours to come out as the baggage guys had to wait for the lightening to pass before unloading the plane. (I thanked our lucky stars we were sitting in the airport and not on the plane! And I pumped in the ladies room.)
  • Their fuzzy napping/bedtime schedules got all out of whack. (I did my best to preserve the sked, but took deep, laid-back breaths when it didn’t go exactly as I wanted it to go thanks to doting and meant-well-but-didn’t-totally-get-how-important-the-naps-and-bedtime-routine-are aunts, grandparents and uncle. The babies were little champs despite it all!)
  • When we returned home, on a plane filled with babies, holding Champ, Honey, two bottles and two over-flowing diaper bags, our gate-checked stroller was the only one not to come up to the jetway. (We calmly, yet sternly, suggested the flight attendant go down and find it and he did!)
  • Our car seats didn’t make it onto the baggage claim carousel at the end of the trip. (After an hour of waiting for them, I finally checked with baggage services and learned they had been dropped off in an area for oversized baggage that I’d never heard about. Score!)

These babies—and all of the adventures we have because of them—seem to really bring out the zen in me.



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10 responses to “Zen-er

  1. The babes are getting so big and they are both just precious! I’m the same personality type as you, so I’m very impressed with your new state of zen! I think our little nicu stay is teaching me to let go of control…not by choice, though!!!

  2. lady pumpkin

    What beautiful littles you have! And I love that they’re Zenning you out. Glad you enjoyed the trip! xoxo

  3. Being a parent definitely forces you to take things in stride – twice as true for you, I’m sure!

  4. Wow you have been busy and been on an adventure. Glad the babes are doing well and you are feeling more zen about things 😉

  5. That’s great, Egg. I’m glad you’re able to step back and enjoy more now that the twinsies are here. I could use some of that zen myself and I hope I get it. And I love, love, love how big and sweet and chubby those littles are getting. They are so adorable (and you dress them so nicely. I’m taking notes).

  6. love the picture, they are so adorable!!

  7. I’m still just amazed at how much you do with them. I guess you guys are not going to let them slow you down! It sounds like it would totally have ruined your life if you’d let yourself get pissed about ALL those crazy challenges, so I’m glad you’ve reached a new plane of zen-ness. And HEAVENS, they are so big and sweet! Those darling little faces!

  8. I am completely impressed by all of this. Seriously.

  9. sienna

    omg, i love this pic. honey looks like such a little lady and champ like such a mellow fellow :o) i cant even fathom travelling with my bby and here youve gone away twice now with twins!! totally hear you on babies mellowing you out. same thing is happening with me. have you gone back to work yet? hope the transition has been okay :o)

  10. Those babies (and you Egg!) Are such troopers! (Have I mentioned that I’m neurotic JUST like you and everything that you listed that drives you mad drives me completely bonkers, too?!? But wow, sounds like you two handled the trip amazingly!

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