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And here we are

We triggered last night (twelfth night of stims, not too bad!) and will IUI tomorrow. We officially have one good follie on the left, with a “maybe” on the right (if it works really hard to catch up). I had a bunch of follies hanging out in the 12-13ish range and there was talk about canceling or converting to IVF. So, we triggered quickly to save the cycle. Phew.

I love Dr. Awesome. I love his knowledgeable, compassionate nurses. I love his online patient portal where hubs and I can access my daily monitoring results. I love his protocol. I love that he is checking my P4 in a week. I love that I have a Beta test scheduled and don’t have to take an HPT. I love his aggression with my treatment. I love his caution. I love everything about clinic #2. Continue reading



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IUI land….

……….here we COME!

We trigger tonight; IUI on Wednesday morning. Phew, big sigh of relief! The little guys stayed little enough and the biggish guy got big enough.

We got one mature follie out of my 12 nights of injections. (Please hold the golden egg, dear follie!) My lining is a lovely 7.3mm. I know it would be a miracle for this to work, but you know what? It’s a miracle to get to this point. This is my 100th post. It has taken me 100 posts to make it to IUI land. I am so happy to be here. 🙂

PS My stats, in case you are curious how it all panned out….is there any chance that 17er or 15.5er could be mature enough to hold an egg?

Rightie: 15.5, 13.5, 13, 13, 11.5, 11, 11, 10.5, 10, a few < 10

Leftie: 19, 17, 14, 11.5, a few < 10

E2: 652

LH: less than 0.2 (I knooooow, weird)

Lining: 7.3mm


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Roller coaster. Done.

I imagine a BFN must be the worst feeling in the world when you’re cycling. But since I’ve never gotten that far, I will share my personal hell (November, January, February, half of March, now April): being benched. I’ve experienced that wind-out-of-my-sails–feeling three times in the past two weeks. Weird. (Still, it was nice to have some ups during this roller coaster ride.)

This afternoon Dr. K canceled this pseudo-cycle because my E2 dropped a bit and my lining didn’t improve. I’ve been put on BCPs to try to shrink the—now official—cyst. (Bye Scrappy The Follie, it was nice to know you.) Truthfully, I’m super bummed. 😦

Since Sunday evening my stomach has fluttered with excitement that I might go into April, my lucky month, with the secret hope you only feel during a 2ww….but it was not meant to be. Annoyingly, I also can’t start injects right after I finish a cycle of BCPs—because of our wedding gauntlet I’ll be on them longer than 21 days.

Still, I know that some REALLY good things came out of this roller-coaster. Thanks to this random and sort of emotionally-grueling monitoring, I now have some legit hope that my lining might improve on better meds. Totally worth it. And I’m grateful Dr. K broke protocol to see this through. I’m excited about meeting with her in a few weeks for a second opinion consult. So really, even though this news stings and I can’t shrug the blah feeling that’s descended upon me, know that I am happy about these things.

Thanks to all of you for rooting for Scrappy; I’m sorry I couldn’t turn the weirdest-cycle-ever into a trigger-IUI story!


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I went to monitoring this morning. My follie/cyst is hanging in there. And my estrogen is up a little bit. (LH is down, can’t win ’em all.) Best of all….my lining thickened up from 4mm to 5.3mm in 48 hours! I don’t know if it’s the supps, or the acu, or the lack of Evil Clomid, but I am HAPPY!

I am so uplifted by the amazing Dr. K for giving this wacky cycle a chance. I’m like, CD6 or CD33, depending on how you look at it. She says this is really unusual, but she’s pursuing it. For that, I am so grateful. I mean, if she hadn’t let me go in for these random monitoring appointments, I would’ve gone the entire month of April having no idea if my lining could get any better than 4.4mm. I know 5.3 isn’t thick, but it’s progress for me. (It’s def that bone I’ve been hoping for!)

Tomorrow will be the moment of truth: one final day of monitoring. If Scrappy can grow just a smidge more, and if my estrogen rises a bit, they will let me trigger. I so want to believe Scrappy is a follie!


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